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“Thank you so much for all that you do for my dad. You take such wonderful care of him; we so greatly appreciate all your kindness and support.”
— Deb & Family


July 11, 2016

The Malhotra Foundation; Strengthening our Communities!
The Malhotra Foundation; Strengthening our Communities!

More often than not, the idea of charity and strenghtening of community gets lost in day to day business. This could not be further from the case with Claridge Homes Vice-President Shawn Malhotra and his wife Louise; cofounders of the Malhotra Foundation. Since the foundation's inception in 2011, the couple have raised over $1,675,000 for the community. Each year, choosing a different charity to support, these philanthropists have supported such notable causes as: the Youth Service Bureau, Christie Lake, KANPE Foundation, the Ottawa Network for Education, CHEO, and the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, to name a few.

Thank you Malhotra family for supporting our communities!

For more information about the Malhotra Foundation, please visit:


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